Lean Multibrand Engagement For A Mature Organization

In supporting Grünenthal, we have grown our understanding of the organization and its portfolio over nealry 10 years of collaboration. This corporate memory across 40+ projects has been tremendously valuable and allowed TNG to add ongoing value without the need for continued reimmersion. We have built a strong relationship across 10+ brands, technologies and educational initiatives, allowing us to have a multidisciplinary view of the portfolio and to be a valuable contributor and partner.

We are unable to disclose many of our deliverables for Grünenthal. Among the various deliverables we have provided for Grünenthal, we have built the Recivit and Zalviso websites shown here.

Which Brands Have We Worked With?

What Have We Done For Grünenthal?

Brand Planning | Branding | Website Design + Develoment | Website Analytics | SEO | eDetail Development | Interactive Slide Kits | Patient Journey Maps | Print Collateral | eMail | Video Development | CLM + CRM | KPI Setting