Revitalizing And Differentiating A Rising Biotech

Our goal in supporting ASIT was to unify its focus on allergy immunotherapy across multiple environmental and food allergens, and to develop clear guidelines on how to use a brand that has been around for a number of years. We leveraged the updated brand to craft a revamped corporate presentation and custom brand elements to help position ASIT as an innovator and to distinguish it from other companies in what is becoming a crowded field. This creative work was married with a series of strategic engagements that included extensive qualitative + quantitative research, a revised forecast for multiple assets, and guidance on portfolio and product level strategies and expectations.

Among the various deliverables we have provided for ASIT Biotech, we have produced a 150+ page annual report for the company.

What Have We Done For ASIT Biotech?

2018: Market Research | Analytics | Product Planning | Identity | Brand Book | Corporate Presentation | Custom Graphics 2019: Market Research | Analytics | Product Planning | Competitive Intelligence | Annual Report